Understatement Jewellery

Throughout history, jewellery has been used to make a statement and express personality. All our designs reflect the noyal values by setting the Diamond – the most precious and ideal stone – in a way nobody can see it. Thanks to our design, Diamonds can be worn with style in an understated way which brings back its original fascination and meaning.



There were always inspiring, powerful people who were wearing Diamonds. They mostly kept them in their pockets to bring them luck and remind them of the ideal values. Only few used them to show off. In a world in which Diamonds are often reduced to their beauty, the NOYAL Talisman pendant brings back its original meaning. Very quickly the small golden ball will become a daily companion and maybe one day the most personal present.

Noyal Talisman Understatement Schmuck


The NOYAL Bespoke Ring embodies the original Vision of a contemporary crown for the kings of our time. It is only produced on demand in close cooperation with its future owner. There are almost no limits regarding the form, precious metals or Diamond size. Please contact us.