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The Start

The story of Noyal starts more than 15 years ago. Marc Schoenauer, a 12-year-old boy, goes to a local Goldsmith with his mother and experiences Diamonds for the first time. A passion is born.

Ring No. 1

Only one year later, Marc Schoenauer creates his first ring. A 18K gold ring with a ruby, which he bought earlier on ricardo.ch. Due to the royal & shiny look, the ring is never worn and disappears in a strongbox.


In 2009 Marc Schoenauer writes his high school thesis on the cultural development of Diamonds under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Philippe Weber. He discovers the original meaning of Diamonds.

Diamant No.1

On his 18th Birthday, Marc Schoenauer gets his first proper Diamond. He wears it everyday - invisible to others on his neck under the shirt.

The Watch Club

As a co-founder of The Watch Club at the University of St. Gallen Marc Schoenauer gets interesting insights into the Swiss Watch & Jewellery Market and meets inspiring people that later help him establish his own Jewellery Company.

Noyal Jewellery GmbH

Being aware that the ruby-gold-ring still doesn't fit to his personality, Marc Schoenauer tries to find a jeweler that produces contemporary & meaningful jewellery. He can't find anyone and decides to do it himself. In 2015 he founds Noyal Jewellery GmbH to design contemporary & meaningful understatement jewellery.

Luxury Strategy & Business Innovation

During his Masters studies at the University of St. Gallen and HEC Paris Marc Schönauer further develops Noyal and learns to understand luxury. The business model changes, the vision doesn't.

The Future

Just three words: We are ready.



Inspired by the past, when jewelers visited the kings at their home, we will visit you – wherever you are – either with our eBoutique (available in German only) or through a personal visit. Please contact us for further information.



All our products are made in the heart of Switzerland and therefore 100% Swiss Made. After designing them with cutting-edge 3D-technology we produce them traditionally by hand and set the diamonds accordingly. We only use the best materials so that we can guarantee for their quality and origin.



As a luxury goods producer our responsibility goes far beyond the use of ethically sourced precious metals and diamonds. It is our obligation to create lasting value for our society and contribute to culture and social life. With our understatement jewellery we want to contribute by defining a new ideal – the new royal – and with it a inspiring new form of luxury.